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Hey There

Our names are Shawn and Anna-Kristin and we are partners and co-owners of Abiding Acres Farm. We are first generation, multi-national farmers who are passionate about sustainability and protecting Earth's precious resources for generations to come. Shawn's roots are in Michigan while Anna-Kristin is an immigrant from Germany. We are proud to call Suffield, CT home.  


We started gardening out of a growing desire to feel a connection to the food we consume, have a deeper understanding of how it was grown, and become more self-sufficient. After all, growing our own food takes "locally grown" to a whole new level! We are passionate about building local food supply chains as an eco-friendly alternative to the global food system. We are thrilled to have the privilege to share our journey of growing food for ourselves and our community with our children.

Our farm name has both literal and metaphorical meaning. "Abiding" means long or long-lasting. The land we steward is physically very long and narrow. We also hope that our farming methodologies and land stewardship will ensure that the land will be "long lasting" for agricultural use as well as a welcoming habitat for a diverse ecosystem. Our logo was inspired by a viewpoint across the pasture (see photo).

You may have already met us at the Suffield Farmers Market. If we haven't met, we hope to meet you one day soon and provide you with a connection to where your food comes from as well.       #knowyourfarmer

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